The Family

I live together with my mum Tanya, my dad Martin, my grandma Sieglinde and my grandpa Josef at the Marteshof. Our guests call my grandparents farmers. I am probably the most important person on the farm. My name is Lorena and my mum and dad call me their sunshine. I like to welcome and say goodbye to our guests with a smile.


In October my brother Luis was born. Now I am the big proud sister. Luis is a very, very good "Schnuggelhase". He also smiles at me already when I play with him.


I love all the animals on the farm and of course I also love my cousin Laurin, who already helps at the farm. Dad and grandpa do most of the work on the farm. During the stable times my grandma and grandpa lovingly look after the guest kids and the animals. Mum at the reception always has an open ear for our guests and is happy to give them advice for their excursions etc. Mum’s parents, grandma Monika and granddad Hubert, also help us. For questions on the topic winter sports or in the summer on mountaineering tours and hiking tours, it is best to ask dad and grandpa (both experienced skiing instructors and mountain enthusiasts).

All together we are the Marteshof!

Mom, dad, Luis and me!