Organic Farm

Our Marteshof has been existing for more than 300 years – ENTAILED ESTATE.
In the 1960ies the farm was newly built by Josef Holzknecht senior.
In 1986 the farmer Josef and is wife Sieglinde switched from dairy farming to sheep breeding.

In 2009 the residential building was conversed and an additional floor was added. Our loft apartment and the Inntalblick Apartment emerged. After a couple of years, the Bergblick Apartment and later the Dorfblick Apartment were completed.

Our family has been farming with great joy and love for generations.



Our animals

We currently have 70 ewes and 25 lambs.
But there are many more animals on the farm:

  • Shetland ponies
  • Mini pony (Malea)
  • Dwarf rabbits
  • Chickens, quailsn
  • Durcks
  • Guinea pigs
  • Cats 
  • Goats 
  • Fish 

The farm invites you to help or to visit the petting animals (cat, guinea pig, rabbits, ...). Children are allowed to help feed and care for the animals in the stable. Once a week pony rides or a walk with our mini pony Malea are on the programme.