Schule am Bauernhof

The motto of "Schule am Bauernhof" is:

We are a school that is not a school as you know it! The school building is the great outdoors, the classroom is the field, the meadow, the forest, and the stable. Our teachers are the plants, the animals, and the people who live on the farm.


Schule beim Marteshof

The World of Our Chickens

Discover the fascinating world of our chickens at the organic farm Marteshof with Hen Henriette. Immerse yourself in the rural life and work environment and learn all about our feathered friends with all your senses. With interactive games and experiments, we aim to offer you a unique experience at the farm, learning plenty about chicken and egg while combining knowledge and fun. Together, we will taste organic eggs and experience the magic of country life.

Tanja, Martin, Lorena, and Luis
are looking forward to welcoming you.

Zertifikat „Schule am Bauernhof”

Tanja Bachnetzer
„Allerlei über Huhn und Ei”

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Zeige es mir, und ich werde es vielleicht behalten.
Lass es mich tun, und ich werde es können."